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Rhenus Logistics Center Berlin North

The Rhenus Logistics Center Berlin North

The Rhenus center Berlin North has long-lasting experience in the operation of a multi-functional warehouse for well-known pharmaceutical companies, production supply and disposal and also is able to take over great responsibility for worldwide distribution and warehousing logistics. Existing global export hub for major pharmaceutical companies.

Rhenus Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse Berlin North
Rhenus Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse Berlin North
Inside Rhenus Pharma Warehouse Berlin North
Rhenus Warehouse Berlin North

Facts and Figures:

  • Overall 40.000 m² from that 15.000 m² of 15° to 25° storage space for pallet- ,compartment shelf places and block storage
  • 1.200 m² temperature controlled storage (2° to 8 °C)
  • Storage and handling according to GMP guidelines
  • Approval of federal emission control act to store hazardous goods
  • Burglar alarm system, security firm and video surveillance
  • Pharmaceutical wholesaler & Manufacturing license
  • Possibility of air freight safe packaging

Your benefits in this Location:

  • Ensuring the requirements of GMP as e.g. temperature & humidity specifications by a quality management
  • Permanent assurance and enhancement of the quality for customer deliveries
  • High flexibility and adherence to schedules due to trained, flexible employees
  • Infrastructural conveniently located optimal motorway and airport connections, especially to North and Eastern Europe
  • Quality management person on site

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