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Customer Dashboard

Rhenus Customer Dashboard

Our Contribution to increase Transparency and Quality 

The Rhenus Integration System (RIS) is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based customer dashboard web tool which supports and monitors organizational tasks within the logistics controlling. The RIS consists out of seven module that target different aspects.

The main Functions and Goals of the Tool are:

  • Visualization and evaluation of data based on different systems like the Rhenus Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Optimization of procedures by constant monitoring
  • Structured and simple communication with all involved parties

Indicator Analysis

  • Automated generation of statistics creating transparency
  • Reducing the risks that go along with challenges like a high error rate and high manual and temporal expenditure by establishing the possibility to generate individual automated evaluation with minimal programming effort
  • Visualization of the data in excel enables meaningful statistics

Clearing Inbound and Outbound

  • Use of complaint management contributes to increased quality and supports the communication flow between Rhenus and the customer
  • Challenges like defective quantity, time-consuming recording of data due to many different communication channels and unstructured documentation of complaints are reduced by systematic recording of complaints as well as standardized communication flows for all involved parties
  • Simple processing of returns
  • Multiple evaluation possibilities enable simple monitoring and error analysis
  • Two edit masks replace communication via telephone, fax and mail


  • Use of Returns tool supports the recording, processing and evaluation of returns and therefore increases quality
  • Two edit masks replace communication via telephone, fax and mail
  • Web-based exchange of data eases communication between Rhenus and customer

Supplier Assessment

  • Fast and easy evaluation of suppliers based on predefined criteria
  • Enables consistent implementation of supplier standards
  • Comprehensive graphical evaluations of supplier quality to take quality increasing measures

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reports

  • Automated generation of KPI reports reduces complexity
  • Fast evaluation of by contract agreed criteria
  • Transparent presentation of KPI calculations


  • Easy and convenient way to process open points
  • Offers overview of open points that are to be worked on
  • List can be adjusted, extended and altered as desired

Time Slot Management

  • Efficient central management of all deliveries and appointments
  • Overview of successful and unsuccessful deliveries and collections
  • Challenges such as difficult, protracted communication due to many different communication channels are minimized by a central communication system that functions as central management system for all processes

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