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Complete Order to Cash Services

Customer Relation Management for Pharma & Healthcare Companies

Order to Cash- Your Customer is our major Focus

Since ideal communication with customers in digital times can be challenging and many customers are no longer prepared to accept long waiting times, the Rhenus Media offers you suitable solutions. We take over the complete Management of Customer Relations based on our communications skills, which are subject to constant training, and we are available to our clients’ customers as the direct, personal contact partner.

The services of Rhenus Media are modularly built, therefore easily extendable and adjustable to your and your customer’s specific needs. Together we can discover new trends in the Pharma & Healthcare industry early and react fast and flexible to these trends.

Our collected Customer Relation Management Services:

  • Processing customer enquiries
  • Managing customer master data
  • Logging and processing orders, including invoicing
  • Complete complaints management
  • Lead management and gaining new customers
  • Cross-selling and up-selling measures
  • Regaining customers
  • Preparing and completing sales and marketing campaigns
  • Settling commission for representatives
  • Extensive reporting with statistics on customer satisfaction
  • Document management

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Accounts Receivable Management - reliable and result-oriented

A proper Accounts Receivable Management is not only legal requirement but also considering the variety of payment means a strong challenge for every company not only in the Pharma & Healthcare industry.

In business relations a respectable accounting but furthermore a customer oriented clarification and coordination work is important.  A very professional communication in Financial Management is also a crucial factor to success.

Rhenus Media therefore offers reliable and efficient Financial Management to your company. It reduces outstanding bills and strengthens your customer’s loyalty all at once. The services of Rhenus Media are modularly built therefore are easily extendable and adjustable to your specific needs and processes.

Our services include receiving enquiries and complaints with active outbound processes using all channels of communications and preparing the necessary reports for the German Ministry of Finances. We also support a large number of payment procedures, perform a credit check and monitor the compliance with payment targets.

Our collected Accounts Receivable Management Services:

  • Payment transactions
  • Collecting arrears
  • Receiving enquiries and complaints with active outbound processes
  • Settling fee invoices
  • Preparing necessary reports for the German Ministry of Finances
  • Informative reporting

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