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Handling Customs Procedures

Customs Handling for Pharma & Healthcare

Handling all Customs, Export & Import Matters

Years of experience enable Rhenus to support and advice international companies in all issues regarding the import and export of their pharmaceutical and healthcare products. We offer you the entire customs counseling and the processing of all customs procedures.

Furthermore we act as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) on our customers behalf. Having a sound relationship with many public authorities facilitates the management of all customs procedures.

All goods arriving and leaving from a non-European country are subject to customs procedures, which can be differentiate between import and export procedures.

The following Services can be offered in the Import:

  • Active and passive refinement of articles
  • Customs warehousing procedure
  • Customs procedures for free circulation
  • Support of exhibition activities, shipment of exhibition materials
  • Transit procedures Carnet-TIR, T1, T2 documents

The following Services can be offered in the Export:

  • Export documentation including transit documentation
  • Customer representation in the communication with public authorities
  • Foreign representative
  • Review and checking of certificate of origin (COO)

Customs Clearance and Intrastat

Electronic customs declarations is used to automatically process and monitor goods, guarantees high efficiency and saves time in the processes. Our major focus is to offer our customers simplifications for transferring goods into the customs procedure that they require. 

Since Intrastat notifications are a legal requirement measuring and recording the movement of goods traffic within the EU, Rhenus can handle the notifications of federal statistical office on time, based on an existing online-program.

Transit Clearance

Transit papers which are forwarded electronically are required for goods in transit through a customs area. It is also necessary to deposit a surety bond when initiating the procedure. This surety bond can take place as a cash payment or bond. If required, we can make our general bond available to customers for transit consignments.

We also complete our customers' shipping procedures and transfer the goods for free circulation after the payment of customs duties and import taxes or a different customs clearance procedure is made.

Consultancy Services

Being certified as an AEO-F enables us to offer our customers the complete monitoring of all processes involve with customs. Our consultancy services include risk assessments and planning work prior to making any application, making the application itself and providing support for audits by the responsible customs authority.

Fiscal Services

For companies that are not registered to pay taxes in Germany, Rhenus takes the role of a fiscal representative and handles all necessary declarations and reports.

Compliance and Export Control

We understand compliance to mean adherence to legal and voluntary stipulations, internal corporate guidelines and ethical principles. Export controls represent an important aspect of corporate compliance.

The export control support provided by us ensures that our customers have greater legal certainty and a lower liability risk, can increase their profitability and the value of their company as well as obtain competitive advantages through integration and long-term prospects for success.

Bonded Warehouse

Great customs services means for us accommodating the needs of our customers and increasing performance levels: We store our customers' goods at our own bonded warehouses in Germany, France or Switzerland. They can be stored there without the need to pay any duty until their final destination is known.

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