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Since the packaging of sensitive pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products is directly connected with the safety of the products it is crucial to us. There are many aspects that need to be considered when choosing the right Packaging Material. Your products need to be protected from external influences such as moisture, light or temperature, and protected against physical damage. Rhenus Purchasing Department for Packaging Material helps your company to find the ideal outer packaging solutions and inner filling materials.

Choosing the right Solution

Firstly you need to identify the main purpose of your outer Packaging Material for example product identification, protection, facilitating of use or promotion. Every purpose can call for special Packaging Material. Besides the outer boxing to secure a safe shipment of the products our customers can choose between a variety of filling materials like air cushions or air cushion foil, crumble paper and packing foam.

The most cost efficient solutions is to rely on standard Packaging Materials that most wholesalers offer. If you prefer a more individual solutions Rhenus can offer you the complete customization of your Packaging Material to meet your specific needs and requirements. Together we can find cost efficient solutions that are individual to your needs and for example present your company’s logo on the outside of the carton. Furthermore the Packaging Material can also be designed according to our customers end customer and their specific packaging requirements.

Safety Aspects

The safekeeping of our customer’s medical goods is the most important factor when choosing the ideal Packaging Material. Rhenus ensures that the chosen packaging or filling material subjects to our high quality standards and keeps your products safe when being transported around the world.

For over packaging cartons, the chosen FEFCO code is key. The FEFCO code is an internationally valid code that describes the structure, quality, stability and thickness of the carton. The FEFCO code is used to ease the communication between customer and manufacturer especially if they need to overcome language barriers.

Being an international leading Pharma and Healthcare logistics company we attach great importance to environmentally friendly and sustainable material. That is why we use reusable packaging or easy disposable filling materials.

Please contact us, if you have any questions and want to find the ideal Packaging Material for your products!

Different Sizes of Cartons
Different Sizes of Cartons
Paper filling material
Paper filling material
Air cushions
Air cushions as filling material

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