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Pick & Pack Service

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pick & Pack: Our Core Competence

One of our core competences in the warehousing is the Pick & Pack service for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Generally Pick & Pack service is offered for parcels below 30 kg.

Pick to Pack

Depending on the customer requirements the Pick & Pack process can be extended to Pick to Pack, meaning that goods are directly picked into outbound parcel. Whether the parcel types are predefined by the customer or default standard cartons suggested by Rhenus, the Rhenus WMS (see Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance) is able to select the ideal carton for your orders in respect to size and other upon agreed criteria before the picking even starts. Hereby the Rhenus WMS does not only take volume calculations into account, but also the weight and dimensions based on the master data of your products. This has multiple positive effects, starting with lower costs for Pharmaceutical Packaging Material for the carton itself as well as filling material ranging to most importantly lower transportation costs overall on the distribution side.

Control measures in the Pick & Pack Process

Based on the customer needs the following identification and verification scan processes are possible to ensure a high degree of quality within the picking process:

  • Scanning of the storage location barcode
  • Scanning of the article barcode on the product
  • Scanning of the batch barcode on the product
  • Scanning of the serial number on the product

The Rhenus WMS supports various barcode types (e.g. EAN 128) to enable a fast and secure logistics processes.

In the outbound parcel finish packing stations, various control and verification measures can be applied to achieve desired performance and service levels.

  • Scanning of the Article barcode on the picked product
  • Scanning of the Batch barcode on the picked product
  • Manual visual 100% control of the picked products
  • Weight check with scales

To facilitate standard weight checks in the outbound section, a prerequisite is the availability and accuracy of the article master data. The Rhenus WMS compares hereby the actual weight of the parcel and its content with the calculated weight based on weight master data of the product and chosen carton type. Tolerances can be opted based on a fixed percentage or on absolute values per weight corridor.

Outbound Finish

In the outbound finish parcels are prepared for distribution. This includes enclosing of delivery notes, invoices, leaflets, return labels, marking for the transportation of dangerous goods and export documents. Papers can be attached outside of the parcel in a delivery pouch or placed inside the parcel.

In accordance to customer requirements, Rhenus WMS features shipping out strong corrugated original cartons without the need of over packaging to achieve cost savings on packaging material.

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Empty Picking Rack before picking
Rhenus Warehouse Picking Rack
Scanning of all packages as part of the Quality Management System
Rhenus Pick & Pack Service Scanning
Packaging pharmaceutical products
Rhenus Pharma Pick & Pack
Pick & Pack rack with finishes packages
Rhenus Pick & Pack Rack

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