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Re-Packaging Services

Pharmaceutical Repackaging, Quality Inspections & Assembling

Repackaging, Quality Inspections and Assembling activities require naturally a high degree of precision and thorough quality standards. Therefore, repackaging and Quality Inspections of pharmaceutical or medical products are usually done in closed manufacturing rooms according to GMP standards. Furthermore in most cases, Repackaging and Quality Inspection activities are time critical, concern multiple thousand items and allow no space for errors.


Whether repackaging is required as a consequence of avoiding small manufacturing lot sizes, manufacturing mistakes, special requirements from customers and delivery countries, they are all a trade-off between new manufacturing and repackaging while taking production cost and time into account.

Our services for repackaging include:

  • Exchange of leaflets and instructions for usage (IFU)
  • Insertion or attachment of papers to the product
  • Changing of packaging size and bundling
  • Relabeling of article or batch label
  • Neutralization of products

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspections are often basis for the decision whether goods can be re-used or need to be destroyed. Based on criteria provided by the customer we perform visual checks on blisters, folding boxes, shipper cartons, glasses and plastic bottles.

In detail we provide the following services:

  • 100 % visual inspection for non-conformities such as damages inside and outside of the package, color deviations
  • 100 % visual inspection if seals or safety labels are intact on the product
  • 100 % visual inspection if quantity inside of the package matches outside description
  • Check if article, batch or expiry date barcodes can be scanned 


Our services for Assembling include:

  • Charging batteries and equipping medical devices with batteries
  • Assembling of displays
  • Assembling of goodie bags and promotional giveaways

Having your goods already stored in our warehouses and furthermore tasking Rhenus with Repackaging, Quality inspections or Assembling activities opens up synergy effects.

It reduces unnecessary transportation costs to other contract repackaging companies and lowers your administrative workload and saves precious time. Thus after release of the repackaged, inspected or assembled goods, further processing such as picking can be executed immediately.

Are you looking for a storage solution for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturing room from the inside
Manufacturing room from the outside
Insertion or attachment of papers to the product

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