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Handling of Pharmaceutical Goods

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Storage

Handling of medical devices and pharmaceutical goods

Having many years of valuable experience as a Pharma & Healthcare logistics company enables us to offer our customers the professional storage and distribution of all kinds of pharmaceutical goods. This ranges from production materials that are needed for the production of finished pharmaceutical products, which we also store, up to the associated advertising material including material for exhibitions. Special care and special storage requirements needs to be provided for dangerous goods as well as high value goods.

Production Materials

Production Materials

Production materials can be categorized into raw material, auxiliary materials and working materials. On various Rhenus sites the following production materials are handled:

Raw material, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), main components in liquid form handled in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) or in drums and barrels. Raw materials are dangerous goods, bearing special handling and storage requirements.

Auxiliary material such as packaging material for folding boxes, blister foils or pillboxes, plastics and synthetics in all forms as well as roles or stacks of Instructions For Use (IFU).

Working material comprising cleaning goods or machinery spare parts, special fuel, office supplies, lubricating oil.

Lastly aluminum pallets and plastic pallets for production play a major role in the handling and storage of production materials.

Narcotics Storage


Given its high product value, the high requirements by law along with the stringent quality needs, narcotics such as Opiate impose special storage and handling conditions. Rhenus Pharma & Healthcare sites can be equipped with steel cages or locked rooms with firm ground basis to enable suitable warehousing.

To meet all quality and security requirements for documentation purposes and good practice, Four-Eyes principle and additionally key concepts with electronically locks and logs are standard for revision-safe archiving of past actions.

SOP management and training concepts organize the processes involving the storage and handling of narcotics in detail, requiring any staff member to comply with the applicable regulations.

Advertising Materials

Advertising Materials

Rhenus also covers the storage and handling of marketing material for companies in the Pharma & Healthcare sector. The services range from sampling of printings from suppliers over to pick & pack as well as the preparation for promotional campaigns or exhibitions.

Our services include:

  • Sampling in inbound
  • Storage of all kinds of flyers, marketing material, advertising products
  • Pick & pack
  • Preparation of goodie bags and displays
  • Co-packaging of marketing material with finished goods

Having the ISO 13485 certificate on our Pharma & Healthcare sites enables us to ship out both, marketing material as well as finished pharmaceutical products at the same time.

Pharmaceutical Goods


Medicinal products are substances or compositions intended to "heal or prevent human or animal diseases" or which may be used to influence physiological functions or to enable a medical diagnosis. (See EU Directive 2001/83 / EC)
The medicines are as different as the patients' and diagnoses. The life cycle of medicinal products is regulated by national legislation (eg FDA, AMG) and international Guideline such as GDP, GMP, GSP, with the objective of ensuring the quality of the products to the patient.

Medicines could be categorized from different points of view. In terms of logistics, product requirements are categorized.
Different temperature zones (Ambient, cool, -18°C, -30°C, nitrogen-cooled), by weight (light, medium, heavy) or by the bearing (A, B, C, D Category).
There are also special drug forms such as cytostatic and narcotics.

Rhenus is able to cover all these different requirements of medicines to the logistical processes.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Whether medical devices are designed for diagnostics, treatment or alleviation of diseases, they all require sensitive and careful handling and storage conditions. For invasive products such as urine catheters, balloon or cardiac catheters and drainages GMP and GDP conditions must be met to ensure patient safety at all times. Small medical devices as well as large medical appliances have their own characteristics and require dedicated and sustainable solutions.

High Value Goods

High Value Goods

Whether high value goods are raw material goods such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) or valuable medical devices special storage requirements are self-evident. To ensure that your High Value Goods are not only handled safely but also stored in a secured place, precautions are taken.

This can range from conventional locked warehouses and video surveillance to steel cages or lockable cupboards up to facilities, which are Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) certified. For the releasing of high value goods there is always a Four-Eye principle in place to assure safeguard of your products.

Applying the knowledge of handling and storing products with serial numbers not only physically, but also accurately in our Rhenus WMS ensures that the correct piece gets delivered at the right time to the right customer.

Since not only the storage but also the distribution of high value goods is very important and also subjects to certain requirements. We ensure for our customers that they are packed safely and are transported by trusted carriers.

If required, it is possible to enter a special insurance that can be offered or mediated by Rhenus.

Dangerous Goods Storage

Dangerous Goods

In the Pharma and Healthcare Industry the storage and distribution of dangerous goods is of paramount importance. Not only are there special requirements to the equipment of the warehouse facilities but according to their classification and amount, hazardous goods furthermore subject to governmental authorization.

In addition to warehouse requirements the shipment and transportation of dangerous material holds extensive regulations logistics service providers need to comply with.

Rhenus employs its own specialists dedicated to evaluation, planning and implementation of storage and handling concepts of hazard goods. Rhenus staff ensures that your hazardous material consignments are properly packaged and labelled.

Numerous Rhenus Pharma & Healthcare sites are equipped to store water-polluting, highly flammable and toxic substances. Since governmental approvals are in place it is possible for Rhenus to store your hazard goods in ambient or if necessary in freezer temperature zones.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about storage conditions, requirements and rules of dangerous goods.


Production Materials

Cytostatic are products that inhibit cell growth and are used in important medications in the field of cancer therapy.
These are innovative products that, however, present complex challenges to logistics.

In addition to the standard requirements of medicines, cytostatic are usually not only highly toxic and represent an increased risk of contamination, but also fall under the hazardous substances regulations. Special work safety measures must be taken into account during the handling. Some of the cytostatic products also require storage and transport between 2-8°C, which therefore requires special cooling areas.

A complex task for which Rhenus offers safe and individual solutions with the help of its experts in the fields of occupational health and safety, hazardous substances and pharmaceuticals.

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