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Eonova Medical Distribution Services

Medical Distribution for Large Healthcare Appliances

Rhenus Eonova Medical Distribution

If you are looking for a reliable partner to store, distribute and collect your large healthcare appliances that will assist you by building a strong logistics network Rhenus eonova is the right partner for you. Rhenus Eonova is not only specialized on bringing the products to your sales sites, customers or patients but our qualified personnel is also qualified to install and instruct the usage of the products.

The Rhenus personnel which is easily recognizable for you by means of typical Rhenus clothing has special training in medical consulting, manufacturer-oriented product course but also is specifically trained in the social interaction with patients.

It is very important to us that right usage of the delivered healthcare products is understood and a safe usage of the products is therefore assured. To secure a safe delivery of your healthcare products we work with specially trained drivers and well equipped vehicles. The operational Transport Management takes place by a central control room that manages all vehicles and drivers, functions as communication interface in case of any disruptions and is responsible for the compilation of tours and customer orders.

Part of the Rhenus Eonova medical distribution services is a seamless hygiene concept that is prescribed and controlled by the Rhenus Quality Management System and carried out by regular staff trainings, optical or microbiological tests and cleaning proofs.

Rhenus eonova is focused on establishing distribution and return of equipment networks to achieve sustainable and affordable transportation solutions for equipment from and to your affiliates, medical supply stores, nursing homes and hospitals.

Our networks can be solely customized and dedicated to your company or can be extended with other Medical Supply Store companies to gain cost savings and other synergy effects such as higher delivery frequencies.

With the help of our services we can ease and optimize your processes and obtain for you cost savings.


Our collected Services for your Medical Supply Store:

  • Delivery on-site including unpacking and assembly
  • Collection, exchange, installation and repair of medical devices on-site
  • Handling instructions for the user
  • Reprocessing and basic repairs of medical equipment
  • Safe-packing of healthcare devices
  • Use of paper based delivery notes, checklists and loan agreements

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