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Road Freight Services

Road Freight for Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Products

The logistics of pharmaceutical goods calls for intelligent Management to assure that all goods arrive at the right time and the right place anywhere around the world. There are many ways of transporting pharmaceutical goods to the consignee. The time factor until they arrive is among the most important aspects. The Rhenus Freight Logistics ensures that your products reach their destination punctually, reliably and in a cost-effective manner.

Challenges in Transporting Pharmaceuticals

Continuously increasing logistics and transportation requirements and the time and temperature critical manner that involves transporting pharmaceutical goods are only two of many possible challenges the transportation of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods can hold. If required, all of our transportation processes are based on GxP and ISO 13485 requirements and subject to permanent temperature monitoring to make sure that a transparent cold chain is maintained.

Our Transport Services

Our range of products covers the complete spectrum of transport services. This gives you the possibility to completely concentrate on your core processes. Having a well evolved Quality Management System ensures that the quality of your products is preserved and unchanged throughout the transportation.

Part of that is our strictly monitored fleet which fulfills all requirements for the transportation of your pharmaceutical products. High motivation and engagement make our staff the reliable and trustworthy partners the transportation of your sensitive pharmaceutical products calls for.

We offer you a high degree of reliability for planning your consignments, even at peak times. For example for Shuttle Services for production supply or pickup of finished goods, we aim for the ideal implementation, suitable for your needs. The solutions may range from using one or multiple exchange trailers up to automated loading systems for optimized loading and unloading times.

Rhenus specialists supports you to find an individual transportation solution to take your medical products to the right place on the right time and meeting your requirements in a flexible and consistent way.

Our Road Services at a Glance:       

  • All common temperature ranges
  • permanent temperature monitoring  
  • Transparent cold chain
  • Meeting GXP and ISO 13485 requirements
  • Quality Management System
  • Use of a qualified fleet and staff
  • Track & trace
  • Shuttle service  

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