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Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

Nowadays supply chains are becoming increasingly complex.  It is an illusion that complex supply chains are working without faults – disturbances have to be taken into consideration. The Rhenus Control Tower monitors data and shipment streams and takes cares care of events – before they become a problem.

Our web-based order management tool automatically processes the delivery schedules and orders via EDI. Transport orders are generated and are converted into pick-up orders that are transmitted to the respective transport service provider. Also, your call-offs are converted into pick-up advices to be confirmed by your respective supplier. Consequently, all of the relevant data is processed via a single platform which ensures high process stability while still guaranteeing flexibility in your supply chain.

The Control Tower monitors the physical flow of goods until the final customer as well as the data flows. For any deviation that might occur during the process alerts are generated based on anticipated status events. Each alert will create a ticket in our ticket system and the Control Tower will resolve it for you or escalate to a named party according to predefined guidelines, where necessary. 

All parties involved in the process are monitored and can be assessed accordingly. The Control Tower can accurately produce reports about the delivery capacity of your suppliers as well as the punctuality and quality of your transport service providers.

Visibility – Transparency in the Supply Chain

Rhenus Visibility provides you with detailed insight on your shipments and logistics service providers. The logistics portal offers you the entire range of our powerful Visibility tools. With a Single-Sign-On all applications are available for you at one glance.

The web-based interface provides you with a complete overview of all shipments and respective documents, all modes of transports and all transport service providers. You will get detailed information based on container, shipment and package level. If requested order and article levels can be displayed as well.

With the intuitive search function you can easily navigate through your shipments and view the respective status that has been transmitted by your transport service providers either via electronic data interchange (EDI) connection or manually in the portal with individual, freely configurable logins. If you are particularly interested in the journey of one specific shipment you can activate the alert function.

Besides alerts we can mutually define proactive events, in order for you to timely react on certain deviations such as a missing delivery status before they get the chance to negatively impact your supply chain. In addition to that we store all your relevant logistics documents with reference to shipments in a digital archive, accessible by you at any time. Also we offer the revision-safe archiving of entry certificates.

Finally, our product Visibility is complemented with a comprehensive reporting application to produce detailed KPI reports on your logistics service providers and their performance.

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