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Transportation of large Medical Devices

Transportation of large Medical and Healthcare Devices

Within the Rhenus Group Rhenus Midi Data is the established logistics specialist for transport, positioning and ready-to-use installation for large-scale equipment in the healthcare industry. Large Diagnostic Imaging equipment and medical devices are only able to deliver precise results if the applied logistics solutions are reliable, allowing devices and equipment to arrive safely and on time at the point of use. Rhenus Midi Data owns a suitably equipped fleet and essential special equipment to deliver high value products appropriately and safety.

Rhenus Midi Data manages and performs project coordination, offers on-site delivery to the final point of use by experienced and trained transportation specialists. Unpacking, mechanical installation, cabling, handover to the customer’s field engineer and if required return of used equipment completes our product portfolio. A central customer service defines and coordinates all logistics activities.
Healthcare products such as CT scanners, MRTs, X-ray units and Radiation Therapy systems are handled on a daily basis with great responsibility.

Your Benefits

Working with Rhenus Midi Data ensures that you and equally important your customer experiences a perfectly designed supply chain down to the last detail. Rhenus Midi Data has detailed product knowledge, a proven track record and the right capacities at hand to meet your requirements. You will be in a position to fully concentrate on your customers and your products.

Our Services for the Healthcare Industry for large Devices:

  • Project coordination, site surveys, project lead
  • Storage and Warehouse Management
  • Pan-European (dedicated) transports, „door-to-room“
  • Pan-European High Tech network solution TecDis
  • On-site delivery and positioning
  • Mechanical Installation and Cabling
  • De-installation and packaging
  • Return Management
  • Special Handling and Equipment Design

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