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Warehousing Techniques and Temperature Zones

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Warehouse

Professional Warehousing

In the Pharma & Healthcare sector there are various requirements for safety, traceability, hygiene and especially temperature which often result in a demand for custom made storage solutions. Our warehouses are built according to current and prospective environmental regulations and energy saving measurements. To assure ideal storage conditions for your pharmaceuticals and healthcare products we control the temperature and monitor the humidity within the warehouses to keep it on an even GMP compliant level.

Temperature Zones for Pharmaceutical Storage

To maintain the cold chain there are separate gates, handling and storage areas for each of the temperature zones. On most Rhenus Pharma & Healthcare sites we mainly offer three different temperature zones to store your products: non temperature controlled (room temperature), 15-25 °C (cool storage), 2-8 °C (cold storage) In selected sites we also provide freezer storage space on customer demand as of now -18°C, -48°C, -196°C (fridge storage). Freezers are usually equipped with backup energy sources in case of a power outage as well as connected with our temperature monitoring alarm systems.

Different Types of Storage Techniques

Rhenus offers a variety of storage techniques to provide storage for different goods. Therefore we are able to store nearly all kinds of palettes (for example CP1, CP2, etc.) and other loading units such as iron-barred box or stainless steel containers. If required Rhenus is flexible to customize the warehouse to fit your specific needs. Applied storage techniques for palette storage in Rhenus facilities range from conventional warehousing up to automated high bay racking.

Are you looking for a storage solution for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Warehouse Infrastructure

Rhenus High Bay Racking
Rhenus Warehouse
Rhenus High Bay Racking
Rhenus Warehouse
Non integrated compartment shelves
Rhenus Warehouse
Integrated compartment shelves
Rhenus Warehouse
Dataloggers to control and monitor temperature and humindity
Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse Infrastructure
Fire protection equipment
Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse Infrastructure
First aid kit and safety instructions
Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse Infrastructure
Pest control mesures above gates
Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse Infrastructure

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