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Waste Disposal Management

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Waste Disposal

Our service partner and affiliate company Remondis Medison offers a comprehensive range of services for a variety of companies in the Pharma & Healthcare industry that ensures our customers the safe, cost efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal. Together we develop customized concepts that go beyond basic waste disposal.

Since every sector in the medical industry subjects to different disposal requirements, individual solutions need to be in place. Our long-lasting experience helps us to find the ideal waste disposal solution for your hospital, medical practice, pharmacy or nursing home as well as for damaged or compromised customer return shipments.

Our services start out on site and range from the collection, transportation up to the final destruction and verification of your waste ensuring a high quality integral process. We attach great value to ideal customer contact and personal relationship to our customers. Therefore we work on a one face to the customer basis as well as fixed routes with especially trained drivers so that a trusting relationship can result.

Seamless Waste Disposal Concept

Besides the collection and actual destruction of your medical waste we offer you a throughout documentation of waste disposal processes including all necessary certificates.

Collection of medical waste

The collection of your medical waste takes place on site meaning right in your hospital ward or laboratory. With flexible pick-up times and pick-up cycles as well as specially trained drivers and fixed permanent staff we aim to create ideal collection logistics with a face-to-face support for our customers.

Document destruction

The storage of medical documents not only subject to high legal requirements but furthermore simply calls for a lot of space on site. It therefore seems obvious to secede from unneeded patient documents. To reduce the high logistics and organizational effort Remondis Medison offers the ideal document destruction solutions. Starting with the collection of no longer required patient documents up to the destruction and verification management.

Verification management

Being a certified disposal firm makes it possible for us to take on the entire waste disposal verification, therefore offering our customers a minimum of bureaucracy and maximum legal security. We are capable of providing you with all necessary waste disposal proofs and accompanying certificates.

Special Disposal Technology

Our supply of medical containers includes everything you might need to store your medical waste on site. We focus on easing the collection and storage of waste for our customers for example by using stackable disposal bins in a large variety to ensure you customized and flexible waste storage solutions on site.

Having specifically equipped transportation vehicles ensures the proper disposal of particularly sensitive waste. Furthermore that enables the transportation according to applicable governmental requirements. Based on your requirements and the circumstances on site we provide you with customized logistics concepts.

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