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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Pharmaceutical distributors are a global leader in the supply chain industry. Whether by ship, by air or by truck: Rhenus transports your goods safely and punctually to your destination. Find out more about our distribution services.


Export Hub

The Rhenus Export Hubs for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare customers are typically characterized by high pallet or parcel volume. Outgoing shipments usually bear a high complexity whether they are transported via Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Road Freight or Parcel Express Service. With the support of the Rhenus WMS and experienced staff on site Rhenus is able to meet the requirements of various country regulations and consignee preferences. This involves stuffing of sea containers, preparation and securing of air freight as well as complying with dangerous goods regulations, customs procedures and quality requirements. An integral part of the distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices is the adherence to predefined temperature specifications maintaining the cold chain, constantly monitored by dataloggers.  

Domestic Market Supply

Pick& Pack
The Pick & Pack Service is on of our core competences and offered for packaged below 30 kg. With the help of the Rhenus Warehouse Management System (WMS) we are able to choose the ideal carton for your orders in respect to size and other upon agreed criteria before the picking even starts. Multiple positive effects are hereby accomplished, starting with lower costs for the packaging material itself ranging to most importantly lower transportation costs on the distribution side.
Complete pallets & mixed pallets
Larger shipments for potential recipients such as wholesalers, hospitals and nursing homes, goods are usually dispatched on complete pallets or stretched mixed pallets.

Eonova Medical Distribution

Within the Rhenus Group the Rhenus Eonova offers you the storage, distribution and collection of your medical and healthcare appliances. Our capable personnel and trained drivers ensure a safe delivery of the product and are qualified to install and instruct the usage of the products. A seamless hygiene concept as well as sustainable and affordable transportation and return solutions are part of the eonova medical distribution services.

Rhenus Midi Data

To ensure that large healthcare appliances, requiring two-men handling like Large Diagnostic Imaging equipment is able to deliver precise results a logistics specialist for transport, positioning and ready-to-use installation of your products is needed. The Rhenus Midi Data offers with the help of their specially trained transportation specialists and installers the complete service portfolio of project planning, unpacking, mechanical installation, cabling, handover to the customer’s field engineer and if required return of used equipment.


Rhenus offers you different storage techniques and many different warehousing possibilities such as racking or shelving storage. If required we are flexible to customize our warehouses to your specific needs. Get informed at Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Storage.

Are you looking for a logistics solution for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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