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Supply Chain Solutions for Returns Management

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Returns Management

Managing Reverse Logistics

Within the last years Reverse logistics continuously gained more relevance in the supply chain processes of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. To encounter the challenges which are accompanied by the complexity of Reverse Logistics and Return Management, Rhenus developed suitable solutions.

Assessment of Returns

After inbound receipt of customer returns, Rhenus staff assesses based on predefined customer specification and agreed return guidelines whether returns are:

  • Reusable immediately
  • Reuse after reprocessing
  • Put away in quarantine until further notice
  • Goods are to be destroyed

Reprocessing for Reuse

Rhenus offers various services in reprocessing returns:

  • Recharging of batteries
  • Cleaning of small and large medical devices
  • Small repairs and maintenance of small and large medical devices
  • Repackaging and changing of inner or outer package

Cleaning Cycle & Washing Systems

For reusable items which are compromised or contaminated after use, such as hospital beds or aluminum and plastic pallets and boxes Rhenus offers special designed, and if suitable automated, cleaning solutions.

Customer Dashboard

Part of the Return Management is the information provision about the reason of return which the customer can look up in our customer dashboard. Return reasons can be defined based on customer requirements. This gives the customer the opportunity to analyze return reasons in order to identify potential for improvement within a complex supply chain.

Reimbursement & Credit Notes

In our Order to Cash services Rhenus offers the reimbursement management and the administrative monitoring of all payment transactions.

Waste Disposal

Rhenus offers a seamless waste disposal concept that involves the collection of selected goods that are to be destroyed. This process is usually accompanied by quality management as well as a waste disposal expert in order to ensure that all processes are carried out according to governmental regulations and special requirements of customers. To complete the disposal process successfully, a certificate stating the proof of destruction is issued in good time.

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