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Logistic Solutions for Medical Devices & Healthcare Companies

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Healthcare & Medical Devices Logistics

Logistics Solutions for your Healthcare Company

In a market with high competition, where exchangeability of products is common and customer demands shift fast, a well-planned and responsive supply chain is key to success. Therefore, experience and a continuous drive for innovation is vital for the distribution of medical devices whether in domestic-, European- or even worldwide activities.

Challenges of the Healthcare & Medical Devices Sector

Maintaining satisfied customers with an increasing number of special requests, preventing Out Of Stocks (OOS) in regional affiliates, while juggling with a high amount of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) with various types of sales and handling units is a challenge for every player in the market. Growing quality regulations imposed by authorities lead to radical changes impacting the whole medical devices supply chain. To mention only serialization of products and the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Logistics with Rhenus

Having long lasting experience and the necessary infrastructure in place gives us the means to enhance your current logistics setup to your benefit. Especially handling of dangerous goods, non-sterile and sterile products with Ethylene Oxide (EO) as well as Return Management require extensive expertise.

Thus, Rhenus is responsible for multiple major customers, in the medical devices sector, where folding boxes or covering boxes are handled in Rhenus Export Hubs with shipments via Air, Ocean, Road truck or parcel service on a daily basis.

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