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Logistic Solutions for Homecare Companies

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Homecare Logistics

Logistics Solutions for your Homecare Company

With an increasing life expectancy and a fast pace changing future, Medical Supply Stores are faced with multiple challenges in regard to cost pressure, decreasing order lead times and the rising need to cater for special patient demands. Naturally, to encounter these challenges you need a strong logistics partner to support you.

Challenges of the Homecare Sector

Most larger homecare devices such as wheel chairs or hospital beds need to be returned, cleaned and reprocessed. Meaning, a proper handling, transportation and separation of used and clean goods is necessary to prevent any contamination between your products. Besides the appropriate appearance on site, convenience for your customer is requisite. This includes the arrangement of flexible delivery appointments, punctual deliveries on site with first class service in regard to installation and usage instructions for homecare devices.

Part of the complexity, the distribution of homecare devices holds, is not only the delivery and installation but also the reprocessing, maintenance and the repair and spare part management of homecare products.

Thorough Fleet Management, a well-integrated back office as well as dedicated drivers and technicians are the foundation for successful homecare devices distribution.

Logistics with Rhenus

Choosing the right distribution partner is subject to cultural fit, to ensure that your mission, vision and the values your company holds are passed onto the customer in the right manner by a trustworthy service provider. In no other industry, it is as important as in the homecare business to convey trust and integrity to ensure sensibility and conserve your customer or patient’s privacy.

Thanks to many years of experience in the Home Care sector, Rhenus is your reliable partner for all logistics services related to your core competencies.

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