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Logistics Solutions for Hospitals

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Hospital Logistics

Logistics Solutions for Hospitals

Hospitals and hospital purchasing associations across Europe are facing rising cost pressure, reduced health insurance reimbursements and tightening municipal and administration budgets. This requires an innovative and sustainable approach. Logistics is an integral part of the solution to encounter these issues. Rhenus is able to reduce costs in hospital logistics in the long term by standardizing items, reducing sourcing costs and material consumption and modernizing the storage processes.

Challenges of the Healthcare Sector

The Management and Organization of the purchasing and coordination of multiple thousands of articles is a challenge given by the complexity of various demand centers in nature of different hospital wards. This is elevated by the requirements for less storage space on the hospital site and more frequent deliveries such as daily or twice daily restocking of the hospital stations.

Furthermore, hospital administrative staff or hospital ward staff such as nurses have to cope with increasing job responsibilities and more complex tasks on a daily basis. A throughout proven logistics concept can enable your staff to focus on the patient while we manage your supply chain in the background.

To prevent hospital bacteria such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or Tuberculosis (TBC) hygiene is a crucial part of all storage and handling processes in hospital logistics. Having an existing SOP system in place with a thorough Quality Assurance Team and dedicated employees with experience in the healthcare sector allows us to comply with all your quality requirements for handling, storage and distribution.

Procurement Logistics for Hospitals

The supply concept in the area of operational procurement logistics for hospitals describes a broad spectrum of services offered by Rhenus. Outsourcing your hospital’s procurement logistics to us leaves risks on Rhenus side and enables you to gain synergies by combining procurement with warehousing services reduces your storage costs.  

Eonova Hospital Logistics

Optimized and streamlined logistics processes are the foundation to withstand cost pressure in hospital logistics. Rhenus offers you the possibility to store articles GMP compliant for you and replenish hospital wards multiple times a day.

Replenishment is usually done with plastic or aluminum boxes which are placed on cage trolleys for the delivery to the hospital wards. Rhenus Eonova Hospital logistics are hereby subject to the following requirements:

  • Strict Hygiene and quality demands
  • Fast replenishment after order receipt
  • Punctual delivery schedules
  • High degree of standardization
  • Low service error rates
  • Access protection of replenishment goods from third parties
  • Clear markings and routing of cage trolleys to the destination hospital ward

Rhenus Eonova offers not only the delivery to the hospital inbound and goods receipt, but also can deliver goods to the hospital wards. Trustworthy and experienced Rhenus staff can replenish modular cabinets directly on site.

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