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Logistic Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharma Logistics

Logistic Solutions for your Pharmaceutical Company

The Pharmaceutical industry is faced with the challenges of the supply chain, from the basic observance of regulations to the implementation, monitoring and safety arrangement for sensitive and specialized products. As well as various requirements from production to distribution to the final mile. Therefore, Pharmaceutical companies need a reliable partner for logistical activities, from storage through transport to distribution.

Challenges of the Pharma Sector

The pharmaceutical industry has undergone major changes in recent years. Our corporate structures are changing as well. On the one hand, the average age of life is rising; on the other hand, new sales markets are developing as a result of an increasing prosperity in emerging markets. The digitization of medicine has begun, which represents another change. Here, the boundaries between medicines and medical devices are becoming increasingly blurred.

GPD (Good Distribution Practice), which has set new standards for the distribution of finished medical products, is changing accordingly. Furthermore, the new DIN EN ISO 13485 demands for even more process and product safety for medical devices. With the upcoming serialization, it is possible to make the goods flow of the pharmaceutical market transparent for the first time. Together this leads to higher requirements in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and its supply chain.

Logistics with Rhenus

Health systems and Pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to new situations and are presented new challenges for the industry constantly.

Having many years of valuable experience as a Pharma & Healthcare logistics company enables us to offer you customized solutions for the professional storage and distribution of all kinds of Pharmaceutical goods.

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